If the performance of the fence in your property has deteriorated or has currently blown down during a storm, this is the right time to get in touch with an experienced company installing fencing at competitive prices. If you are willing to enhance its lifespan even further, all you need to do is a few minor changes in its design.

Whether you are installing a fence just to enhance the visual appeal of your property or want to reap the various benefits offered by fencing, just get in touch with the right company installing fences. Not only do they know how to install a durable fence but can also share with you a few tips to make the structure look new and fresh for years.

3 Tips To Enhance The Durability Of Fencing In Farnham

  • Make A Strong Frame

The strength of a fence is largely dependent on its frame. This is why experienced installers always suggest their customers to opt for pressure treated lumber. They are chemically infused and their durability doesn’t deteriorate when exposed to wood destroying organism or water. All the saw cuts used to make the lumber are sealed. The maximum distance between two fence posts should not be more than 7. The easiest way to prevent the fences from sagging is by using additional posts. Long posts should be used on both sides of the gate.

  • Stain It

The easiest way to prevent your fence from rotting is by ensuring that you don’t paint it. This will prevent moisture from getting trapped inside it. The best alternative is to stain the framing, fence boards, notches and cuts. You can bring out the natural grain and colour of the wood by staining the exterior decking. If you think that the summer fog will lead to the growth of mildew and mold, just stain the exposed redwood fences and make them last longer. Experienced installers of fencing in Farnham not only uses deck stains with higher paraffin concentration but also ensure to coat all the surfaces.

  • Include A Bit Of Gravel

A primary benefit of including gravel in the holes before setting the concrete is that it prevents the bottom of the posts from rotting and improves drainage. Instead of pre-mixing the concrete, simply pour it in the dry state, tamp it and put some water over it. If you don’t want the posts to come in contact with the soil, concrete should be added around two inches above the ground. There are higher chances for the fences to fail if the posts rot. Another way to enhance the fence’s strength and prevent sagging is by using three cross members instead of two between posts. Cross members get locked into place and installing the fence gets easier. These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and enhance the durability of your fences.